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  1. 19 Oct. '20

    Exploration in Canary Wharf

    To make photographs here seemed like drawing graffiti or littering. To create anything here didn't seem right and I'm honestly not sure why. 

  2. 16 Oct. '20

    Notes on a Conspiracy Incubator

    An 'incubator' is a term sometimes used to describe a space rented out to a small buisness for cheap to support it's formation. Equipment is often lent to the buisness, and in return a cut of any profit made by the buisness is given back to the incubator. Ideas are formed within the space, made into a tangible product or intellectual property, profit is gained then fed back into the incubator space. 

    I've been thinking recently that my work has been backwards, that I have been focusing on what creates a conspiracy not what conspiracies create which are then fed back into itself. I'm thinking out loud but the thought of a physical space that acts as some sort of feedback loop, an incubation unit for a conspiracy it interesting to me. 

  3. 22 Sept. '20

    With the help of my friend Zach Mason (https://zmixd.wordpress.com/), we designed and 3D printed a lens attachment that would let me fix a 8x rifle scope to the end of my camera. There was no real purpose for this other than I wanted to see if it would work. 

    The image is split into quadrants with the center point now transformed into a target (though it cannot be touched).